Helping women ease into the next phase of life with intention through outdoor culinary adventure retreats locally and across the globe.

Breakthrough Adventures Coaching

At Breakthrough Adventures, we guide women of all ages, backgrounds and identities through transformative journeys of self-discovery and growth. Our intergenerational sisterhood thrives on outdoor exploration, spiritual connection, and collective wisdom. 

Join us in a Breakthrough Adventure half & full day local retreats, northwoods cabin retreat, national or international Retreat.

We’ll partner with brilliant minds to create unique experiences designed to spark personal growth, mindfulness & confidence.

If this resonates with you, you are welcome here. 


Breakthrough Adventures Coaching

 Your resounding voice is a gift, not just for you, but for all of humanity. Embrace it, empower it, and let it shine.

Breakthrough Adventures Events

We bring people together through adventure by creating safe spaces to push themselves softly into building confidence and having fun with other people!

Some of the types of events you’ll see at Breakthrough Adventures

  • Outdoor Adventures range from invigorating hikes and serene yoga sessions to captivating bonfires, sauna and plunge experiences, interactive cooking sessions, and winter play.
  • Day and half Day Retreats featuring a combination of adventures and Learning Opportunities: Delve into topics such as harnessing intuition and listening to your body’s signals for guidance.

Starts OCT 2023


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 Culinary, Yoga and Outdoor Adventure Retreats

Local and international retreats with a focus on good food, outdoor adventure, and finding the spirit within. Upcoming retreats include:

Enrollment for Anna’s Fall Cabin Retreat Oct 27-29th is now open!

Fall is the time of year when we naturally begin to move inward. Let’s use this time to look inward as well.  On this retreat, we’ll begin to recognize what our inner spirit is trying to tell us.  We’ll use fire and water ceremony to ignite our senses and tap into our surroundings. Morning Meditation and Yoga will ground us into the day as we move into guided talking circles will help us tap into our inner wisdom.  Allowing the intuition and the Spirit within to come forth.  Sauna and plunge will connect us to our bodies and Oracle cards hope to confirm what we already know.

Spend the weekend with Anna at her family cabin as she cooks for you and guides you through these beautiful practices.

Please reach out to Anna if you have questions or want to avoid Eventbrite Fees. If you are a photographer, can sous chef, or have skill you would like to bring to the cabin, please reach out for trade and barter options!



Oct 27th – 29th

Hosted Retreat and Planning Services

Is your group looking for a retreat experience, but your planning
isn’t your strong suit? We love planning retreats for your group! Our services include:

Yoga and Meditation classes
3 meals plus snacks
Location services
Fire and Water Ceremony
Nature guiding
Stress Relief Practices
Cooking and Nutrition Classes

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Outdoor Culinary Retreats Minnesota

Future Retreats 

Yoga on the Farm 1/2 day Retreat

Winter Outdoor Adventure 

Boulder City Utah Retreat with Betsy Weiner

Wild Woman Tarot Retreat w/ Susie Shubert

Vietnam Multisport Adventure

Baja Swim w/ the Whale Sharks Bucket List Adventure


kind words

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful cabin, your beautiful heart, your beautiful soul that you put into the food and into every little freaking detail because it was so beautiful and magical.” 

Alycia Ayala

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We believe everybody is a good body and you belong here!